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-Main steel Frame
: Galvanized Steel

- Floors: Galvanized Steel with Cement Board Substrate and Selected Finish.

-  Wall & Roof Panels: High density Insulated Panels.

- Electrical: Main Panel Board, Switches, Sockets, Lighting.

Sanitary: Sink, Toilet, Shower, Water Heater, Kitchenette.
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-The Standard Prefab Ablution is mobile prefabricated unit that features:

- A Full Bathroom : Including a Sink, Toilet, Kitchenette, Shower, 50L Water Heater 


-The site should be leveled.

- It should have a either a concrete slab or concrete footing to place the prefab unit.

- A main electrical line, water line and  sewage line should be connected to the prefab unit onsite.                                       

- You must place the unit on your leveled land and connect it to these utility lines and your good to go!       

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