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    · Rockwool is a breathable material allowing moisture to escape from the construction. This reduces the risk of mould and bacterial growth on the inside of the property.

    · Rockwool offers noise insulation and fire protection to the building and improved safety because it is made of rock that is fire resistant.

    · It constitutes a compression-resistant material that can be used as roofing boards or bonded panels. So it is ideal for thermal applications on domestic buildings. It also useful for buildings subjected to change of use or layout that and there is a need to add internal partitions.

    · It offers quick and easy installation providing airtightness to the building.


    · Its high thermal efficiency reduces energy bills for heating and cooling in residentials.

    · Improves the  comfort and air quality of the building offering a healthier environment to the occupants.

    · It is made from a stone-based mineral fibre insulation comprised of Basalt rock and Recycled Slag, a solid rock, to provide stability and durability over the lifetime of a building.