Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Base
40 PEB Steel Buildings

Qatar Emiri Naval Forces Base

The new naval base for the Qatar Emiri Naval Forces is built offshore of the New Port. Providing berthing for Qatar’s Navy and visiting naval vessels from around the world.

The State of the Art Naval Base offers technical support, comprehensive logistic facilities, material support accommodation and training services.

Main Contractor

Generic Engineering Technologies (G.E.T)


Al Maher Construction & Services

Project Location

Masaeed Area, Qatar

Project Usage 

 Naval Base

Steel Contractor

Dalal Steel Industries (DSI)

Number of Buildings

40 PEB Steel Buildings

Key Features

Two Buildings with a Eave Height of 47 meters including crane and entrance by water bed. Used for maintenance of large ship and vessels. 

About 40 PEB Buildings used for different logistic and training applications accompanied with the latest technologies. 

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