Know More About Prefabs!
  Prefabs is the way for a better life weather it is home or business structure. They provide lots of customization options along with effective utilization of assets in a cost effective matter. It's not all about the homes; modular prefab units for accommodation, office, latrine, guard booths, school, hospital, residential, commercial, army camps, labor camps, portable toilets, mobile home, caravan or multi-story building stand as an option for customers.
Prefabs can be built with steel and also using shipping containers. Finished with material of choice. 

Why Prefab?
  • Creating high quality, innovative buildings.
  • Increasing efficiency, precision, productivity and affordability.
  • Decreasing time frames and costs.
  • Can be ready in a short time.
  • Reducing construction waste.

Types of Prefabs:
1. Modular homes- These types have sections that get manufactured offsite in a factory and transported. Each section has an interior set of doors, cabinets, etc. assembled in the site and arranged accordingly.

2. Manufactured homes- Most preferable kind of home, the manufactured homes are first built-in panels and then transported to the site. There the parts after assembling need a lot of finishing work, and later the interior work begins. It is much unlike modular homes.

3. Pre-designed homes: popular as pre-cut or kit homes, these are mobile homes. These are usually small in size and are mostly in use as tiny houses or cabins.