Know More About Prefabs!

 Prefab homes are homes build offsite in prior and then transported and assembled in the location. The construction is done in manufacturer’s site using standard materials and designs making the process cost-effective efficient for the manufacturer also reducing overall cost for the customer.

It's not all about the homes; modular prefab units for accommodation, office, latrine, guard booths, school, hospital, residential, commercial, army camps, labor camps, portable toilets, mobile home, caravan or multi-story building stand as an option for customers.

Let us see some of the important types of Prefabs:
Container Homes are weatherproof and can withstand extreme climatic conditions.It can be custom-built with easy modification options available. They are easy to dismantle and reassemble which makes it convenient for temporary and movable homes. All modern fixing possible including AC, fire alarms, smoke detectors etc.



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