Your one stop shop for steel manufacturing. DSI manufacturers all steel building products and accessories to give our customers all they need without the need to going anywhere else.  

Our Vision

In the past thirty years, we have provided thousands of worldwide customers for durable, affordable and versatile steel structured buildings and prefabricated houses for hundreds of different uses and in various countries and regions: United States, Europe, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle-East. 

We have expanded our services around the world with offices around the globe. Our products are delivered anywhere to our customers right on time through our operating fabrication facilities.

Today, DSI continues to expand the horizon’s of metal building construction by enhancing our steel building customization and customers service, and improving product design like garage workshops, building kits,  hangar aircrafts,   to make our buildings meet the various needs. 


Company Overview.

Watch the video to take a closer look into one of DSI Main Production Facility and some of DSI's projects.

Our Mission

DSI aim is to develop a  business relationship  whereby our clients can easily communicate their requirements and needs effectively so that it is translated to the desired end product. Through our extensive experience with many different business sectors and businesses, we make sure our projects are met with  customers satisfaction.   We pride ourselves in the service and after sales service that we provide. 

We value our long list of satisfied customers, local and international, private and governmental sectors and organizations.
We thank our customers for their trust and loyalty in allowing our buildings to reach all  corners of the globe .  



 View a compilation of pictures in our project gallery.



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