About DDBlox
Dalal Steel Industries has collaborated with a variety of  Architects  in order to provide you a  one-stop shop  where you may find your finished state of the art  home . Pick your home on plan and get a  turnkey solution  delivered within weeks.

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- Architectural Design

We offer architectural design services for single-family homes, multifamily communities, and eco-resorts. Any of these project types we can design based on either modular or site built construction, depending on what makes the most sense for your project.

- A Modular Home

A modular home can be built in just a few days? It’s here! Reshaping residential construction is DDBLOX's mission with its innovative steel home-framing system. Our purpose is to revolutionize the residential construction industry, from client experience to design and technology. A house should last and look good for a long time.

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